Timeless Traditions
Timeless Traditions

Peaceful Heart Engraved with Photo Front + Engraved Print Back

Item Number: 3109 photo front + fp back

Dimensions: 1" tall x 1" wide 

Includes a photo engraved on front and the print of your choice on back (choose from 2 footprints, 1 footprint,  a full coverage fingerprint style, heart-shaped fingerprint style, natural fingerprint style, oval outlined fingerprint style or handprint).

Each of our laser engraved photo cremation jewelry pendants is designed to hold precious ashes, a lock of hair, sacred soil or sand from a favorite beach. The high-resolution image is permanent and carries a lifetime guarantee. These pendants make great family heirlooms which will be handed down from generation to generation. Each cremation jewelry pendant can also be engraved on the back with name and dates or another message.

Allow 2-3 weeks lead time for sterling or gold-plated

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