Timeless Traditions
Timeless Traditions

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Park Bench Style Park Bench Style

In Stock

Our new park bench style monument can be used as a memorial or makes a great addition to your home garden. 


Seat - 3-0 x 1-4 x 0-2 All polish

Back - 3-0 x 0-2 x 1-2 All polish

Legs (2) - 1-6 x 0-2.5 x 2-6 All polish


This is a beautiful Jet Black stone.


Call for price.

Diamond Etched Scene Diamond Etched Scene

In Stock

Beautiful Impala black granite with full diamond etched scene.


Monument - 3-6 x 0-8 x 2-6 Polish 3 serpentine top BRP

Base - 4-6 x 1-2 x 0-8 Polish top with chamfer


Color etching done by hand. 


Call for price.

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